Tune in on Interstate Radio 88point9

“Okay, so much for the recent news. Let’s have a look at the weather. Linda?!”

“Well, we look at a sunny morning with 68°. The day will stay mostly sunny. Temperatures will go up to 91° with a slight chance of thunderstorms in the late afternoon. And it will stay this way the upcoming days and over the weekend. Shelly?”

“Thank you for the good news, Linda! Looks like we’re all gonna be out for Barbeques on the weekend, huh?
But now we have to hear what Bob has to tell us from the traffic heli. I heard of outstanding things happening out there on the Interstate 40?!”

“You bet, Shelly! I just fly over the Interstate 40 heading east to Oklahoma City. You wouldn’t believe what’s going on here! Two super slow motorbikers are blocking the right lane. There are 75 mile per hour but these two crawl there way with not more than 69 mph. There is a long cue behind them. All the trucks have to overtake them. Wait, I take a closer look… Oh my God: They’re from Germany! Shelly, I have never seen motorcycles going that slow on the Interstate!!”

“Bob, are there any problems even outside Oklahoma State yet?”

“Well, couldn’t deny… but wait… now they turn of the Interstate onto the highway to New Orleans. Thank God!!!! Alright back to you Shelly. Rest of the traffic is calm and I need a beer.”

“Thanks Bob! After a short break we will play “Hit the road Jack” for those crazy Germans!”

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